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Information technology (IT)

IT is the backbone of any organization and we have reached a stage where business means IT and IT means business.

A weak IT means a weak business and for a CIO a question always comes in mind, ”How do we get more from IT and make our business successful?” For this to happen, good IT governance, processes, tools, and skills are vital to deliver value to the business.

Best practice frameworks are crafted and we must use them holistically to drive value.

That said, the IT department providing services to business is no longer considered just a favor. Instead, both IT and business must set expectations for each other and align themselves together. This is where good IT service management practices must be established.

IT Service Management:

What is Service?

ITIL 4 defines a service as: “A means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve, without the customer having to manage specific costs and risks.”

What is Management?

It is the overall system of people, processes, partners, products, tools, and techniques used as a means to deliver value.

What is IT Service Management?

The IT department in any organization using best practice frameworks such as ITIL4 to best utilize processes, people, partners, and tools to provide services to the business as per expectations and continually improve services.

ITIL4 ( from Axelos) is a process-oriented best practice framework for ITSM and there is an ISO 20000 standard that an organization plans to obtain to demonstrate capability.

In the following diagram, we depict how the two processes – IT Asset Management and Change Management – are linked to multiple other processes.

IT service management

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is a boon these days with many organizations opting to move to virtualization and cloud services to cut down costs and increase efficiency.

The comfort of just plugging into the internet and accessing the data from anywhere with any device is what is making the cloud more popular.

As an organization it is very important to consider several exercises of pros and cons before making a decision on moving from traditional on-premise to cloud. Ultimately the goal is “ease of use” and “reduced cost”. if the goal is not achieved, the hardship of rolling back from the cloud to on-premise can be immense.

Many organizations rush to move to cloud services without a second thought. This is where an expert can assist to identify the benefits, costs, return on investment, and ease vs discomfort and develop a sound cloud strategy.

GoodTech, with its extensive experience in handling cloud and virtualization services, can assist you in devising a cloud strategy and aligning it with your business needs while keeping short and long term goals in mind. Please contact us for a discussion on Cloud Strategy and we will walk you through salient points.

what is business process?

A business process is an activity that takes an input, processes it, and produces an output. For example, getting a driving license is a business process that takes inputs from various sources, processes them, and in the end the applicant gets a license if all inputs were in line with expectations.

A business process has definite start and ends points.

A business process can be carried out using manual methods. For instance, in applying for driver licenses the applicant might fill out an application form by hand or it may be digitized. So, the same driver license application could be converted into a form with all activities including signature etc.

Why digitize a business process?

The entire objective of digital transformation is to improve the speed of executing the business process and to make it more efficient. Information technology has evolved over a period of time and these days every effort is made to automate mundane, repetitive business activity by using Business Process Management(BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, and techniques.

The successful transformation of any business process occurs when it reduces the cost and time of execution. To show that, we must prove how the BPM and RPA really achieved their goal by using Key performance indicators and critical success factors. In the end, who benefits from an improved business process? The users and customers do.


Our business solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity,
reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization.


Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation solutions involves the understanding of customer needs, design and modelling.



Re-engineering & migration services include migrations across platforms, databases, and OS.



For a successful BPM or RPA project delivery, customization is necessary.


System integration

System integration (SI) is an IT or engineering process or phase.


SIX way
in BPM








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